MACTracker – A simple device tracking application


Hello all, this is my new blog post on a simple application that I developed a while ago. I am writing the blog post about the application, what it does and its utility in real world. The idea behind the application was mainly of my colleague and friend Nitesh. His idea helped me in developing the application.


The idea behind the application is to track all devices connected over the network. This application would get the name of the device and the mac address or the physical address of the device. For developing this application I have used a tool named nmap which would gather up all the details of the devices over the network, Java to manipulate the nmap output and get the filtered data, the power of shell scripts to bind in the process of nmap and java compilation along with an inbuilt utility provided by Linux and Unix shell known as crontab that helped me in simulating the application to execute over a certain interval of time.


  1. Installing NMAP in the system. To install nmap in the system follow the required link.
  2. Installing Java in the system.
  3. Idea of shell scripting.
  4. Manipulating cronjob either using system crontab or Jenkins , any other continuous integration tools that can carry out cron jobs.

Application implementation structure and its description

To understand the implementation and the strategy please follow my git page where I have described the working and the procedure for MacTracker

Thank you all, thats all for today. Hope to come up with something new very soon !! 😉


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