Containerizing your automation platform (Docker + Selenium)

Hello friends, I am writing this blog after a long time. In the meanwhile, I was busy doing some R&D stuffs. Well of course one of the research topic amongst this was "How can we get to running our automation platform on a containerized environment?". Well the first question that would definitely hit your mind … Continue reading Containerizing your automation platform (Docker + Selenium)


“Cook” it and “Pre Hook” it

"Cook" it and "Hook" it, wow !! that is a nice line :). Well jokes apart, hello bloggers and blog seekers, it's been a long while I have set hands on my site writing again. Well, I was having a group training session in my organization where my fellow colleague Bony Roopchandani who explained us the … Continue reading “Cook” it and “Pre Hook” it

Hotjar – I saw what you did there !!

Pool of Knowledge

People often complain about the lack of time, when lack of direction is the real problem.
– Zig Ziglar

Believe me ! The quote above is the real reason why I am writing after a long time, where lack of time is just an excuse the real problem is the lack of direction, moreover lack of time investment on self growth and learning.

Without wasting any more time let’s get started !!

As the title of the blog says : “I saw what you did there !!” , this is literally what Hotjar does for you. Hotjar is the analytics and feedback tool that tracks what users are currently viewing on the page and thier activity like scrolling, link clicks , page movements etc.
And also provides a way to collect user feedback using Polls and Surveys.

The idea of the tool is to figure out:

  • The loop…

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Demystifying the concepts of ‘Asynchronous JavaScript’

Debrief Javascript has been one of the vital constituents for application development nowadays in the world of information technology. Every application that is developed now is web-based, and when it comes to accessing the application through the web browser, you got to depend on javascript. So, this blog is basically about breaking down the concepts … Continue reading Demystifying the concepts of ‘Asynchronous JavaScript’

Fixing npm(Node Package Manager) permissions

In our day to day life, we come across javascript libraries that we require as project dependencies. So to get the required dependencies for javascript we require a package manager which is well known as npm or Node Package Manager. But, sometimes we do face problems with the permissions of npm. The most common of … Continue reading Fixing npm(Node Package Manager) permissions

Let’s just not code, Let’s develop.

Awesome Panshul !! Really liked your article. Keep writing, keep inspiring

Pool of Knowledge

We who cut mere stones must always be envisioning cathedrals
– Quarry worker’s creed

I start with the quote, because this is what makes me go on, work hard and unfold something new by the end of each day.
This is what this blog is all about, let’s just not work let’s make something out of it.
I am a software developer by profession and it’s been almost 2 years that I am writing and compiling codes almost every day. But development is not about just writing a piece of code but also about providing a solution that makes a difference to a product which might be used by millions of people. A slight change in the UI or appearance of the page might increase page visits by thousands of more visitors and last but not the least , its a responsibility to give a product a desired shape and…

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Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an agile software development strategy that aids to establish communications between the stakeholders of the software product. It helps mitigating the small gaps of communication between understanding the product functionality and its performance in the real time. This practice was introduced in by "Dan North" in the year 2003 and … Continue reading Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

Wait Types – An important aspect in the Selenium automation process

Hello friends, in this blog I would be discussing the important aspect of different wait types in selenium automation process. I have seen that there is a huge confusion in understanding different wait types and its significance. So this blog would exclusively explain what are the different wait types. There are basically three wait types … Continue reading Wait Types – An important aspect in the Selenium automation process

Docker + Python + WebDriver

Hello all, recently I started working on automating a python application using WebDriver for regression testing. While creating the regression suite using python and selenium webdriver I came to understand that there are a lot of dependencies other than python as well. To start of at the very beginning we would be needing pip which … Continue reading Docker + Python + WebDriver

MACTracker – A simple device tracking application

Introduction Hello all, this is my new blog post on a simple application that I developed a while ago. I am writing the blog post about the application, what it does and its utility in real world. The idea behind the application was mainly of my colleague and friend Nitesh. His idea helped me in … Continue reading MACTracker – A simple device tracking application